Thursday, 30 April 2009

Jeg sendte e-post til the Home Office, angående problemene på Asylum Screening Unit, i Liverpool

Google Mail - Problems with UK Border Agency

Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Problems with UK Border Agency

Erik Ribsskog


Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:37 AM



I was at the Border Agency in Liverpool today, since I'm being persecuted by the Norwegian
Government, by some mafia or gladio that's under their control, due to that my grandfather,

Johannes Ribsskog, offended someone in the Gerhardsen and Stoltenberg-families, in the
Norwegian Arbeiderpartiet-party, it seems, from what I've been told.

I've also been persecuted in Britain, I was harassed when I worked for Bertelsmann/Microsoft,

and the Police and the IPCC and you at the Home Office, have been 'messing' with me, in
a case that's now at the Prime Ministers Office.

I've also been recieved funny letters, threat-letters, this year, from Germany and Liverpool,

while I have been staying in Liverpool, with strange drawings, and the German one had
a strange pyramide, so this could be some Illuminati-stuff etc.

I had an agreement to claim asylum in the UK, today, at 9 am.

But, I was told, that one couldn't get asylum, if one were from a European country.

But I think they must have meant the EU.

But Norway aren't in the EU, and I tried to explain this, because, Norway and the UK, aren't

the same country, since Norway aren't in the EU.

So then it should be possible for me, to claim asylum, to the UK, in accordance to normal
international principles and laws, I reckon.

So I would please like to complain about your representative, and I hope you can sort this out,
so that I can get asylum, since I'm being persecuted.

(Why would they give me an appointment, if people from Norway can't claim asylum?

I doesn't make any sense to me, I'm afraid).

I hope you can sort this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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