Monday, 29 December 2008

More from the message-board about my upbringing in Nevlunghavn etc.

Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:33 am

Tom U4EA wrote:
Is there another forum you could post on perhaps?

Well, it was you lot who brought me here by linking to my blog.

But I admit that I lose a bit of temper by the attacks, so I'll try to calm down a bit.

So sorry if I went to far when I attack back.

But anyway.

Now, I've been thinking throught things a bit.

There's obviously some kind of war, but noone has leveled with me, so I don't know where the fronts are.

But, I think I have been used as a spy/target-guy, by the Government in Norway, without me knowing, before 2003 as well,
when I overheard I was being followed by the mafia.

I think this goes back to my upbringing in Larvik, in Norway.

When I was five or six years, then my grandparents (Ingeborg and Johannes Ribsskog), and my mother (Karen Ribsskog), they
were having some kind of plot, to test me, in the garden in Nevlunghavn.

If I would tell on my sister if my grandmother gave me candy.

But I knew that she would give me stick if I told on my sister, because I had gotten stick for things like that earlier.

So I didn't tell on my sister.

And then my grandfather shaked his head, and the three of them, who had planned this scene, it's obvious to me, in
cooperation with my sister.

So they must have told my sister to trick me, to then see if I would tell on her, if my grandmother gave me candy.

I think this probably sounds dum for the people reading here.

But they must have been some kind of spies.

But I think they couldn't use me, since I had control, even if I was down.

Something like this.

And when I was around eight, my mother brought me to the Police-station in Larvik, and I had to sit on the stairs
outside the Police-station for 30-40 minutes.

A police-officer went out, looked at me, sitting on the stairs, and went back in for the meeting with my mother,
it must have been.

And right after that I moved to my father.

So maybe I'm being used as a spy by the Government since they know I have control, and that I'm very square, and
don't do phoney stuff?

I don't really know who it is that they are using me against, and how this work, but I'm being manipulated, so that
I work in this and this job, where there are problems with mob etc., it seems.

Both in Norway and Britain.

So I have to try to think more about what's really going on.

Sorry again for the outburst earlier!

I'll try to behave a bit better in the future.


Erik Ribsskog

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