Monday, 29 December 2008

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Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:41 pm

_pinhead_ wrote:
Let me get this right... You overheard you are being followed by the Mafia in Norway. Ended up in Liverpool and also overheard the same thing?


I'm refering to when I was working at Rimi Bjørndal in Oslo, in 2003.

That was when I overheard that I've been followed by the mafia.

Then I went to Sunderland in 2004.

My study-loan from the Norwegian Government loan-scheme, was delayed.

For four months, so I try to go to London, to get a job, since I lost control on the modules in Sunderland, due to I had to sort a lot of stuff in Norway.

I ended up at my uncles womans farm in Larvik in Norway around easter 2005.

I was chased from there, after working there some months, in July 2005, by someone, a hunting-team, it seemed, that I overheard wanted to shot me in my head or my balls.

But I got to Larvik train station and to Kristiansand and Hirtshals and eventually to Schipol airport on an Easyjet flight to John Lennon airport in Liverpool.

And I've been living here since.

Here I've overheard that I've been used as a target guy (and also been in something called 'the game'?).

So it has been a lot of things goving on.

I went to Detroit in 2005, and was sent back to Europe, so I suspect that the yankees could also be messing with me.

Using me as a target guy etc.

So the situation is a bit complicated, I think.

So I try to get my rights in Norway since I'm a Norweigan citizen, and I have to start in 2003, when this started.

I dont know who that mafia is, and if they are over here in Britain as well.

Erik Ribsskog


The yankees are messing with my DHS trip complaint that I have with them now, regarding Detroit in 2005, so I suspect theres something phoney with them.

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