Friday, 8 May 2009

Jeg sendte en ny klage til the Financial Ombudsman, i England, på den håpløse banken borti gata her, RBS. (In Norwegian)

Google Mail - Complaint against RBS in Dale St., Liverpool

Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Complaint against RBS in Dale St., Liverpool

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:28 PM



I've sent you comlaints against RBS in Dale St., earlier.

Since they don't call me when they say, etc.

And now, this happened again today.

I'll explain.

I went to RBS to open a savings account, about three weeks ago.

I wanted to put £300 on the savings-account, for emergency savings.

Since I'm unemployed, and I'm not sure how long I can get unemployment-benefit in the UK,

and I'm being persecuted in Norway, so I can't just go home.

I spoke with Annette, in the bank.

(I remember, since that name is also common in Norway).

(Today I spoke with Nicole/Nikki).

Annette gave me an ISA-account, after speaking with a collegue.

I'm not sure what an ISA-account is, I just wanted a normal savings account.

But I guess there isn't anything like a normal savings account at the RBS(?)

(I'm from Norway, so in Norway, I remember that one could get just a savings-account, in a bank,

but it could be, that the savings-accounts have names like ISA, in Britain).

I told Annette, to transfer £300 to the savings/ISA-account.

Annette said that a woman in the bank, (possibly Nicole), was going to phone me, about the


Today, this was three weeks ago, and noone has called.

Like I've written about to you earlier, this has happened before, with RBS Dale St., that they
don't call.

They tell me they'll call, and then they don't.

Now, I had no idea about when the money was going to be transfered, so I lost a bit of control.

(I bought some clothes etc., that I needed, but I don't think I would have spent that much, if

the £300 had been transfered, like I asked them to do in the bank).

It seems like this bank is messing me.

That they deliberatly try to make me lose control of my economy, with not calling when they

are supposed to etc.

Why did need to take a call, about this, couldn't they just have transfered the money, by the way?

They are hopeless there, I think for certain now.

How can British banks be like this?

This doesn't add up, that a British bank, with a good reputation, are going to do the same basic
mistakes again and again.

Here there is something phoney going on.

So I'd please like to complain about the RBS again.

About this incident, and also the others that I've e-mail explanations about, to you.

I want to complain formally about this.

I've wanted to do that before as well, but I have been quite occupied since I've been persecuted in Norway,
and also at work in Liverpool, so to deal with this takes a lot of my time.

So, my complaints to you, seem to stop, when I look at your complaint-form.

Because, they don't look to be bank-complaint forms, to me.

(Maybe I've got the wrong form?)

So please let me complain formally by this e-mail now, since I'm from Norway and I don't really understand
that much of your complaint-forms, they confuse me a bit, unfortunatly.

(It's probably just me who is a bit stupid, or that I've lived to long in Norway, so that I'm used to these forms

that I get in the post from you.

This is not meant as critisism, just to explain why you haven't receved the forms you've sent me, in return,
and filled out.

So I hope it's alright just to send this e-mail to complain formally!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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