Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jeg synes amerikanere behandler folk som ikke er amerikanere dårlig. (In Norwegian)

Session Start: Sun May 10 02:39:01 2009
Session Ident: #usa
[02:39] * Now talking in #usa
[02:39] * Topic is ' Welcome to #USA :: CLEAN English only :: ::'
[02:39] * Set by KinG`PiN on Thu May 07 11:59:03
[02:39] <Droog4> everybody always told me it is not good to be nosey and then i started working for newspapers and they paid me $$$$$$$$$$$$ to be nosey
[02:39] * Badkiss give Q^TE a tequilla shot
[02:39] <Badkiss> gives*
[02:39] * RolsenRoyce has joined #usa
[02:39] * X sets mode: +l 98
[02:39] <Q^TE> Badkiss thx ill save it for later ;)
[02:40] * Badkiss bleh :p
[02:40] <john_cons> isn't banned anyway then? Just wondering how it works..
[02:40] <Q^TE> later means when i start to drink if i will oneday:p
[02:40] <Q^TE> john_cons it was a ban for lil time
[02:41] * bassist82 has quit IRC (Quit)
[02:41] <eric22> anyone wanna try to make me cum by controlling me over cam? anyone?
[02:41] <Maevlyn> O_o
[02:41] * smart_girl has joined #usa
[02:41] * Q^TE sets mode: +b *!*
[02:41] * eric22 was kicked by Jj` (eric22)
[02:41] * Doped has joined #usa
[02:41] <Maevlyn> about desperate
[02:41] <Bikerdawg_> Lol i saw that comin
[02:41] <john_cons> okok we'll see how long i'll survive now then, i'm used to being perm-banned
[02:41] <john_cons> only joking
[02:41] <Droog4> gee why'd you kick that classy eric guy?
[02:41] <john_cons> or we'll see
[02:41] * ChrstphrR starts up a conversation with eric22
[02:41] <Maevlyn> hehe
[02:41] <Jj`> lets all msg him
[02:42] <john_cons> i think you should have transparent rules, if i'm allowed to suggest that
[02:42] <Bikerdawg_> Lol Jj
[02:42] <john_cons> rules that are easy to understand, so that one know if one do something wrong
[02:42] <john_cons> just an idea
[02:42] <EdisonCarter> see you later
[02:42] * EdisonCarter has quit IRC (Quit:
[02:42] <john_cons> but i'll try to forget about that now
[02:42] <john_cons> bbl
[02:42] * DOREMI-FA has quit IRC (Quit)
[02:43] <Bikerdawg_> John you were told whatcha did wrong and you wouldnt let it go and still havent obviously damn
[02:43] <Q^TE> i dono he dont like the rules and he come here again after i banned him
[02:44] <Jj`> Bikerdawg_, some never learn
[02:44] * brave-heart has quit IRC (Quit)
[02:44] <Bikerdawg_> Lol hes an idiot i got sick of hearin him is why i left earlier today i wanted to punch him in the mouth
[02:44] * X sets mode: +l 95
[02:45] <Jj`> rofl well let me kick him in the arse
[02:45] <Bikerdawg_> And that takes a lot
[02:45] * Jj` sets mode: +b *!*@
[02:45] <Bikerdawg_> Rofl Jj
[02:45] * You were kicked by Jj` (lamah)
Session Close: Sun May 10 02:45:33 2009

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